Safer Medico, office based in Guangzhou China, branch in Malaysia, HK China and India Manufacturing more than 1.5 billion gloves per year, sales activities in 96 countries, continues to demonstrate the global importance of personal protection.

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In color: Chlorinated latex powder free glove is light yellow color and polymer coated latex glove is milky white color.

Powdered glove has powder on surface; powder free glove has no powder on. How to choose the right glove? It depends on the usage. Such as: in food or electronics Industry, you need to use powder free glove to avoid the powder adhesion.

Because the gloves have their own way of keeping themselves well, Such as:
1. hands getting sweat, or hands have nicotine after smoking will easy change the glove color.
2.gloves need to be stored in the dry condition, without sunshine and light exposure

Yes, Latex exam glove and nitrile exam glove can mix in a container.
Vinyl exam glove and latex surgical glove can mix in a container

Yes, we offer OEM service.

1) Malaysia: Latex & Nitrile exam gloves are made in Malaysia.
2) China: Vinyl exam & latex surgical glove are made in China.

1) Exam gloves: XS/S/M/L/XL
2) Surgical gloves:6.0/6.5/7.0/7.5/8.0/8.5

1) CE: CE Mark, or CE marking as it is officially named, is an obligatory product mark for the European market, which indicates compliance 'certification' according to the requirements formulated in the approximately 22 European 'CE Marking Directives' and subsequent European standards. Therefore, the CE mark is important for manufacturers and importers placing products in the European market.
2) EN: European Norm certification indicates compliances with the European Quality System Regulation (QSR)
3)FDA: Food and Drug Administration. It is the United States authority body that regulated approval for import of goods into the States.

Properties Natural Latex Nitrile Vinyl PE
Barrie Properties against Transmission
Tear Resistance
Puncture Resistance
Tensile Strength and Elasticity
Protein Content Present Not Present Not Present Not Present
Comfort, Finger Dexterity to Reduce Hand Fatigue
Tactile Sensitivity for feel better
Resistant to Oil and Solvent
Resistant against Chemicals
Food Contact Safety
Biodegradable and Environmental Friendly

Here we don’t want to boast the good price and premium quality about our gloves, but talk about some qualities that our team have.
1) The purpose of "Safer Medico" is not only sell products but also find a way to help our customers to win the business in the market.
2) we will introduce the better right gloves to our customers to fit their business
3) We have factories both in Malaysia and China, with which we can find a better solution for customers to offer products both from China and Malaysia
4) We have a professional team to serve our customers even in different time zone.