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Herbal Deo Armpit Deodorant Cream

  • Herbal-Deo-armpit-deodorant
  • Herbal-Deo-armpit-deodorant-cream-15days
  • Herbal-Deo-15days-odor-free-in-single-use
  • Herbal-Deo

Product: Herbal Deo -Armpit Deodorant Cream

Discription: Herbal Deo keeps your armpits odor free for about 15 days In Single use and let you sweat odor free. Made from traditional herbs medicine, it is very safe and natural!

Filling method: Pure aluminum composite plastic film with 4-sided sealing

Packet dimensions: 9x7cm, Net content: 0.8g/pack * 2

Box dimensions: 7.8x9.6x2.5 cm, Quantity: 12 Packs, Net weight: 19.5 gram, Box Net Weight: 60 gram

Carton dimensions: 60 * 38 * 20cm, Total Boxes: 200, Net weight: 12 KG

Standards & Certifications
Microbiology Test, Heavy Metal Test, Cytotoxicity Test, Skin sensitization tests, Animal irritation test, Effect clinical test report, Efficacy-of-antimicrobial-preservation, Material safety data sheet, Specification